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Information about the Circus Square Jazz Band


In October 1975 the present band was founded by Paul Zelders who also stood at the base of a CSJB in 1958 in Geleen-NL which existed up till 1970.
Since 1975 quite a lot happened in our 7 piece band. In 1986 we lost trombone man and vocalist NoŽl Poyck, succeeded by Lou Brouns in 1987; we parted
from Joop Dings (bj) (he died in 1997) and Paul Beljaars (drs) but then found worthy substitutes in Leon Kamerbeek and Thomas Jšhn.
Piano man Bert Janssen died in 1996: this was a great loss! Since that time the band plays also under the name of The Circus Square Feetwarmers (mostly 4-piece).
In 1997 Willem Zeyl joined the CSJB on piano. In January 2000 Leon Kamerbeek passed away, totally unexpected.
But in 2001 we got a complete line-up again with Hans-Josef Schuster on banjo and Patrick Heubel on drums.
In 2003 Paul Zelders handed over the leadership of the CSJB to Jan van Hulten and the band now plays mostly in a 6-piece-line-up.
Paul had to stop his musical activities because of severe illness. He managed for several years a very well visited traditional jazz page on the internet but,
very sadly, he died in July 2012, after all those years a great loss for us! The members of the CSJB are very grateful to his efforts on behalve of the band's affairs!


The band plays so-called traditional jazz, a music form raised in the 20th century by a vast crowd of musicians, now spread around the whole globe.
Of course we find our first inspiration in the glorious examples of the Twenties to name but a few like Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton
but we are also very much inspired by fellow bands like the New Black Eagle JB (Boston, USA) and bands in the "Frisco" style (originated by Lu Watters and Turk Murphy).
We also are fans of good New Orleans revival jazz music as played by George Lewis and his many followers.
We hope to take a modest part in the survival of this fine music in this 21st century!


The CSJB made several LP records and musicassettes in the past, all out of production now. The band played on a lot of occasions like the internationally famous
Breda Jazz Festival (some 10 odd years in succession; even made 2nd prize in the contest in 1980); in other jazz festivals at The Hague (North Sea JF), Eindhoven,
Enkhuizen, Gorinchem, Maastricht as well as in the USA in festivals and jazzclubs in Denver, Central City (CO), St. Louis, Boston, Washington DC, Indianapolis, Chicago,
New Orleans (the members are honorary citizens of N.O.) a.o. places; the band also appeared in Canada, Scotland, Danemark, Germany, Switzerland, Honduras and
Nicaragua a.o. countries. So there was some travellin'!

The Present

The band still exists but after all those years there is not much activity anymore! The CSJB has made 5 CD's on the label Feel the Jazz of Spronk Records at Breda.
Since the end of 2003 Jan van Hulten is busy with putting CSJB's ('live) recordings, hitherto unissued, on CD and even DVD.
The results are very promissory. See the CD/DVD pages! For more information you can e-mail to Jan van Hulten.


For bookings of The Circus Square Jazz Band or The Circus Square Feetwarmers you still can contact Jan van Hulten at his home address:
Schakenberg 6, 6041PN, Roermond, The Netherlands (phone: +31 475 316113; e-mail: Jan van Hulten)